With thanks to Little Big Studio @littlebigstudiosa

Molo, unjani?

Nice to meet you and welcome to Molweni Coffee.
In Cofimvaba, where I’m from, the morning starts with a friendly “Molo” and a warm smile from strangers passing by. The humility and kindness of that simple human connection is enough to lift one’s spirits early in the morning and this experience has shaped my 8 years as a barista. From students in Istanbul to surfers in Muizenberg, the first coffee of the morning is a ritual and by serving a Cofimvaba “Molo” with the morning coffee, I can start people’s days off right. Coffee is a tool for bringing people together. My customers have become lifetime friends who have broadened my world; teaching me to surf, introducing me to new cultures and turning me into an entrepreneur.

Now, I find myself in the centre of Cape Town - with a coffee culture like no other - and I can’t wait to meet you. So come down to my shop, grab a coffee and tell me what your day is like. Or what you’ve been up to. Or anything, really. I want to learn your name, get to know you and send you on your way with a coffee and a "Molweni". We don't know what the day will bring, but we can make sure it starts off right.